divination robot

try out a small online version for the divination robot here.yamunalovesyou_blink_divination.gif

The coin operated divination robot is – working like a professional psychic medium – connecting to the database of collective consciousness, reading peoples minds and telling them their possible future.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-12 um 02.25.21.pngBildschirmfoto 2016-12-11 um 22.09.01.pngBildschirmfoto 2016-12-11 um 22.05.58.pngconcept:

This project is inspired by shintoist temples and their divination rituals – omikuji. An omikuji is a small paper with a fortune written on it. These fortunes are not always good. Depending on the luck and how much money someone is willing to pay to the temple, one is able to change their destiny for the better.

The divination robot works like a real psychic. It uses the direct sensory input – of brainwaves and heart beat frequency – in order to generate a customized fortune, so the user must interact with the psychic. It is coin operated (like the omikuji you can buy at the temples) and the more coins you insert, the higher your chances are of getting lucky.
The sensors work like biofeedback. The heartbeat (value 50-180bpm) is for example generating physical health and love life; the brainwaves generate state of mind (stress, anxiety, relaxation). The texts of the fortunes/omikuji are taken from libraries that are connected to the input value. According to the input of the individual, the sentences will be connected – sometimes in a rather astract/funny way which makes it even more mystic – resulting in a customized text.
The installation around the psychic is resembling a temple. This psychic robot portrays the matters of spiritual capitalism and the constant urge of humans to alternate nature in a playful manner.

arduino, brainwave sensor, heart frequency sensor, coin slot, screen, printer and paper for “omikuji”



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