LEMUR aka. キツネザル – foxmonkey

IMG_4318.jpgYeah I have to confess, I have something for lemurs. Not only that I made a song “lemur waiting for the bananas getting undressed” (in 2009, unrecorded but I will do that in christmas holidays when I sacrificed them to finally finish some of my ideas) I am also a proud wearer of a “Kigurumi” kind of a jumpsuit, more famous in Pikachu and unicorn version so the more I was happy to have bought this and you can watch me performing my first hit on youtube “please go away, fuck off and die”

The most interesting things about lemurs I just found out on wikipedia today:

  • the word “lemur” derives from the word lemures (ghosts or spirits)
  • there is also a species called the “crowned lemur” which is funny, since I love to put small crowns on their heads
  •  they comb their hair with their toothcomb
  •  and of course, The presence of female social dominance

When life gives you lemurs, let them do the lemonade for you… idea sketch during monday lessons. I wanna make it big (: and without spelling mistakes)



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